IN NIGERIA: We built Churches, They built Industries. They paid taxes, We paid Tithes. They Lend and We borrow

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*They built industries, we built churches. They paid taxes, we paid tithes. They lend and we borrow*

Truth as you know is bitter. We are a well endowed Nation that is groaning under a heavy yoke. We are a blessed Nation that is facing the wrong direction on our journey to nationhood. At Oba Akran Avenue Ikeja, I wept when I realised that factories that employed thousands of people are all closed and their premises converted to churches, insurance companies and banks. It is the same in Ogba, Isolo, Ilupeju and Apapa all in Lagos and Sango Otta in Ogun state. Hundreds of factories shut, which means loss of jobs.image1

Then the same trip to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen etc., it is a different story altogether. While they were building factories, we were building churches, while they were paying taxes, we were paying tithes when they started employing more people, we started disengaging our people, when they started exporting, we started importing, when they started getting richer, we began to get poorer, when they were rich enough to lend, we became poor enough to borrow, when they began to export technology and experts, we started importing their expertise and technology, when they moved to first world country, we are receding into a “fourth” world.


While we say they are Ungodly and we are Godly, they live in wealth and we live in poverty. In their cities, the production factory noises fill the air, in our cities, church and mosque noises fill they air. At the end of the week or month, they wait for their salaries and profits, we wait for miracles. China has more than 10 tyre manufacturing companies, South Africa nearby has 4 tyre manufacturing companies, Ghana the same and Nigeria with an estimated population of over 200 million people with millions of cars has no single tyre manufacturing company. Michelin and Dunlop formerly here relocated to South Africa and appointed distributors in Nigeria where the main market is. As big as we are, with such a huge population, we have no more than a textile mill as at the last time I checked.


Yet we go about as if all is well. We are counting achievements. On this day, I decided to do a little count. In one Street near me, I counted 15 churches. On the major road of two kilometres, I counted 25 churches, some as big as a moderate factory and some as small as one room shop. All put together, does not employ a single person. Everything is by volunteers. In China, the same would have been at least 30 factories both big and small. What grows the economy are the very small cottage industries whose products are mopped up for exports. They would employ at least 300 people. Those workers will sing God’s praises, our own people are hungry and their prayers are constantly harrasing God, accusing Him of not listening or listening but not responding even to outright accusation of partiality. 

There is *a time and season, for everything* under the Sun. 

There is a time to *Work* and there is a time to *Pray* but *doing one and neglecting the other* is what got us, to where we are today.


 What are your thoughts?

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