Is Igboland Landlocked? A report by Aloy Ejimakor & Ugo Stephen

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This is one of the lies they made an average Igbo man to believe, that Igboland is  landlocked but the rivers in Igboland are the nearest to the Atlantic Ocean compare to all the existing Seaports. Lagos,Delta state,Calaber and Portharcourt..Haven't travelled through some of these water ways, from Warri NPA to Escravos- to Bight of Biafra now known as Gulf of Guinea etc.

 Do you know that the Azumiri Rivers in Imo state, is 15/20 nautical miles to the Atlantic beachhead. But no Seaport is located in Imo state.

Portharcourt was dredged,upto 50 nautical miles to the Atlantic water front through the Bonny rivers.

Onne Seaport was dredged upto 60 miles to the Atlantic.

Calabar was dredged upto 45 nautical miles,to the Atlantic ocean.

While Lagos Seaports  are dredged 50 nautical miles to the Atlantic ocean.

Compare all these to Obuaku river in Abia state, which is only 25 nautical miles from the confluence of Imo Azumiri Rivers.

Azumiri on it own Merit, is just 30 nautical miles to the Atlantic beachhead. The less Obvious is the little known Oseakwa river in Ihiala (Anambra ) which is mere 18 nautical miles to the Atlantic ocean. All with its natural dept of 65feet, but no seaport is located either in Abia,Imo or Anambra when we have less nautical miles to the coast than any other part of the Country.

Time shall come when all these lies against Igboland will never hold waters anymore.

By Aloy Ejimakor and Ugo Stephen

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